Ai performs Serpina of opera ”La Serva Padrona”

Ai is going to perform the role of Serpina in a rock version of the opera La Serva Padrona (Pergolesi) starting from the end of June 2021!
The tour runs 8 cities in The Netherlands, this will be a great production!

tickets can be purchased here:

June.25th.2021 19:00~ Nijmegen
June.26th.2021 19:00~ Hengelo
June.29th.2021 19:00~ Utrecht
June.30th.2021 19:00~ Eindhoven
July.1st.2021 19:00~ Zevenaar
July.2nd.2021 19:00~ Den Haag
July.4th.2021 19:00~ Velp

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