InDigo Baroqueの心躍る古楽

InDigo Baroque is an early music group with
soprano Ai Sakabayashi and trumpeter Danny Teong as its core.

Danny Teong
“Genius of England” by Henry Purcell
Live recording in Sint Janskerk, Zutphen, on 10 July 2022
J.S. Bach, Weihnachtsoratorium BWV 248- 8.Aria “Großer Herr und starker König”
Bass: Mitchell Sandler
Baroque trumpet: Danny Teong
Concertkoor Baarn conducted by Anthony Scheffer
Live recording by RTV Baarn on 13 Dec 2019
Corrinne May’s “The Birthday Song” cover Japanese sub
O Holy Night – Soprano and Trumpets
“Que siendo à mis iras” – Los Desagravios de Troya
by Joaquín Martínez de la Roca

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